Year 5/6 Term 3-Magnificent Masks

This Year 5/6 Art Project made links with the Olympic host country of South America, as well as the many countries and cultures brought together by this great sporting event. We looked at the history of masks and discussed reasons why people might wear masks, ranging from celebrations such as the Rio Carnivale; cultural ceremonies or rituals; and to disguise, change identity or portray characters, such as at masquerade balls or in theatre productions. We viewed many different types of masks from around the world, looking for things they had in common; differences; how line, pattern, colour and other materials (natural or man-made) were used to decorate them;and we discussed what they might have been used for or made from. The students then used these visual images and models as inspiration to create their own type of mask from a choice of materials, including large palm fronds, paper pulp, plaster, cardboard, paint, feathers and sequins.


IMG_2631   IMG_2629  Emma 56B Kieara 56B

Claudia                               Amelia                          Emma                             Kieara

rhys-c-56-b        daniel-56b         morgan-s-56b

Rhys                                                             Daniel                                       Morgan

paisley-56b   Paisley



IMG_2630  Olivia O 56K  Mieka 56K

Ellie                                             Olivia                                                          Mieka

Ella 56K   amali-56k   max-56k

Ella W                                                      Amali                                                 Max

maddex-56k        riley-56k          kalin-56k

Maddex                                                     Riley                                                         Kalin

zarli-56k   imogen-56k   will-56k

Zarli                                                          Imogen                                                    Will



IMG_2632             Abbey 56L              Blake 56L

Tamsyn                                                          Abbey                                                        Blake

angus-56l   olivia-g-56l   eric-56l

Angus                                                Olivia G                                                  Eric

callum-56l       oliver-56l      jett-t-56l

Callum                                                     Oliver                                            Jett

taylah-w-56l   nyah-56l-2   harry-56l

Taylah                                              Nyah                                                Harry

ruby-w-56l Ruby W



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