Year 3/4 Term 3-Push/Pull Projects

For this project, the Year 3/4 students linked  knowledge learnt in their Science Inquiry -investigating and experimenting with the forces of push and pull, and applied it to an art/technology project that used one or both of these forces.

They could choose from six different tasks- 1. a swing in a shoe box; 2. a marble run; 3. a kite; 4. a balloon rocket car; 5; a noodle rocket launcher; or 6. a rope climber.

All tasks involved designing, choosing suitable materials, constructing, testing, evaluating, refining designs and explaining how the force of push, pull or both were used by their object.

Swing in a Shoe Box

IMG_2654             IMG_2627            sophie-h-34c

Jessica 3/4 C                                   Ewan 3/4 K                                           Sophie 3/4 C

trinity-34c                                tayah-34g

Trinity 3/4 C                                                           Tayah K 3/4 G


Marble Maze

IMG_2655          IMG_2633        loni-w-34k-marble-maze        jemma-k-34k-marble-maze

Caelum 3/4C                        Ben 3/4C                       Loni 3/4K                           Jemma K 3/4K

cooper-m-34k-marble-maze   brooke-b-34k-marble-maze   annika-r-34k-marble-maze   abbey-h-34c

Cooper 3/4 K                         Brooke 3/4 K                       Annika 3/4 K                Abbey H 3/4 C

bella-p-34c    lilly-s-34c   lee-t-34c   lily-w-34c

Bella P 3/4 C                      Lilly S 3/4 C                     Lee 3/4 C                             Lily W 3/4 C

stella-d-34c              precious-34g                 katelyn-34g-marble-maze

Stella 3/4 C                                    Precious 3/4 G                                   Katelyn N 3/4 G


Noodle Rocket Flinger

Harry 34G  tom-34g-rocket-flinger   nathan-l-34g-rocket-flinger

Harry 3/4G                                    Tom 3/4G                                 Nathan 3/4G

hamish-b-34g-rocket-flinger         henry-w-34k-rocket-flinger       jordan-t-34k       cruz-r-34k-rocket-flinger

Hamish 3/4G                                  Henry 3/4G                  Jordan 3/4K                 Cruz 3/4K

gabriel-l-34c         bailey-m-34k-rocket-flinger         bella-h-34k      lilly-m-34k

Gabriel 3/4 C                          Bailey 3/4 K                     Bella H 3/4 K                   Lilly M 3/4 K


Rope Climber

simone-rope-climber-34k          lily-c-rope-climber        scarlett-34g-rope-climber

Simone 3/4 K                           Lily C 3/4 K                                  Scarlett W 3/4 G


Balloon Rocket Car

sienna-h-34c jay-p-34c ethan-34g-balloon-rocket-car

Sienna H 3/4 C                                  Jay P 3/4 C                                   Ethan 3/4 G

hannah-34g-balloon-rocket-car                   jake-34g-balloon-rocket-car

Hannah 3/4 G                                                     Jake W 3/4 G


bridgette-34c                  madeline-34c

Bridgette 3/4 C                                                       Madeline 3/4C


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