Year 1/2-Sport Models & Dioramas

For their third term Inquiry, the Year 1/2 students were looking at the history of sport and the Olympic Games. During art sessions, we linked into this theme by making models of a sport person and creating an appropriate scene/diorama to place them in. The students were involved in making paper clay, by tearing up scrap paper and egg cartons, soaking it in water until in was mushy, then pulping it in a blender. Excess water was then squeezed out, PVA glue added, and then it was mixed well to make a smooth paper clay which was  easily molded into shape and painted when dry. The students learnt how to make an armature of a person from pipe cleaners and cover it in foil as a base, before using the paper clay to form their sport model. They were also given the option of using bubble-wrap and masking tape to build up their model over their armature, as an alternative way of making their person. These were then painted in appropriate sporting attire and boxes, paint and collage materials thoughtfully used to create a diorama for their person.  The results were terrific and the students were fully engaged in the creative process, especially learning how to make and use the paper clay.


IMG_2623 Isabel MI made a soccer player out of paper clay, pipe cleaners, foam ball, a box and paint. I enjoyed making it and it looks cool.

IMG_2622 LoganI made a Football player and I’m really happy about it. I think  it looks great!  

IMG_2621 Hannah-I made a football player and I’m really happy with my work.

IMG_2611Brodie-I made an AFL footballer out of paper clay. I put in lots of detail and I think it looks really good.

IMG_2763 Reuben-I made a basketball player. I tried really hard to succeed and I think it looks good.

IMG_2764 Sophie-I made a netball player and I am really proud of my work because I like it.

eli-12h-tennis-player-getting-off-train  Eli-Tennis player getting off a train.

khalifa-12h-running  Khalifa- I made a horse rider running to catch his horse.

audrey-12h-dancing Audrey- My person is dancing and I love it!

isabelle-g-12h-basketball Isabelle GI made a basketballer and I think it looks cool.

willow-12h-gymnastics Willow-My person is doing gymnastics and it was fun making her.    

ella-12h-trampolining Ella H-My person is doing gymnastics and she looks great.    

vaeda-12h-gymnastics Vaeda-I made a gymnast because I love gymnastics and I think she looks great!                  

seth-henry-wrestling  Seth & Henry-We made a strong wrestler and stadium and we worked really well together.        

sienna-12h-horse-riding Sienna-I made a horse rider on a track and I loved making it from foil, a cork, skewers, pipe cleaners and paper clay. 

daisy-12h-gymnastics  Daisy-I made a gymnast from a box,  paper clay, paint, pipe cleaners, foil  and tape. I really enjoyed making everything this term, especially my portrait of Miss Kavenagh. 

poppy-12h-netball Poppy-I made a netballer from pipe cleaners, foil, bubble wrap, tape, paint, a box and a foam ball. I am proud of my work and I think it looks great!  


IMG_2615 Rory-I made a weight Lifter out of paper clay, paint, a box and foam balls. I enjoyed making it and I was very  happy with how it turned out.

IMG_2730 Maya-I made a netball player from pipe cleaners, foil, bubble wrap and paint. I am proud of my person and my court.  

IMG_2728 Sienna-I made a gymnast and I am proud  of my work and how it turned out. 

IMG_2727 Abbey-I enjoyed making my hockey player. It was the best thing I have ever  made and I am proud of how it turned out.

jack-b-12k Jack-I made a boxing person who won the boxing games. I thought I did really well.               

addison-2-12kBella-I made a netball player and I think it it is great because  I tried my best.       

charlie-and-riley-h-12k Riley H & Charlie-We made  American mountain bike riders on a track. They have fallen off their bikes and hurt themselves. 

tahlia-s-12k Tahlia-I made a model of a gymnast from tape, pipe cleaners and paint. I am really impressed with my work!   

nash-12k Nash-It was fun making a running Usain Bolt from papier mache. I am happy with how it turned out.

addison-f-12k  Addison-I made a netball player from pipe cleaners, foil, paper clay, paint, wool and a box. I think it looks really cool with the clay person.

chloe-w-12k-1 Chloe-I made an equestrian rider on his horse and  I think  it is awesome! It was fun making it and I like it the whole thing. It looks great!   

bree-12k-basketball  Bree-I made a person  playing basketball from paper clay, paint and a box.

thea-12k-weightlifting Thea-My sport person is a weightlifter and I made it from a box, paint, tape, icy pole sticks and a little ball. I like it, it looks great but I think I could do better by adding more things.

kiki-12k-gymnastics Kiki-I made a gymnast from paper clay, tape, zooms, paint and a box. I was really impressed with how it turned out!

lily-c-12k-netball Lily C-I made a netball player from paint, tape, a box, foil and pipe cleaners. I like it because I put most of my effort into it and I think it looks good.

jasper-12k Jasper



IMG_2617  Flinn- I made a soccer  stadium and player from pipe cleaners, foil, bubble-wrap, tape, paint,a box, netting and a foam ball. I like it because it was great fun to make.

IMG_2620 Liam-I made a weightlifter from bubble-wrap, tape, and paint. I really like it because I put effort into it.

IMG_2616  Paige-I made a netball player and court. I liked making it and it was so good I got ‘Artist of the Week’ for making a great paper clay person without any help!

IMG_2618 Ash-I made a surfer from a pool noodle, paper clay, glue, cardboard and paint. I like it because it looks cool!

IMG_2776 Molly-I made a netball player and court from  paper clay, paint and a  box. I liked making it so much!

IMG_2784 Riley S-I made a person surfing and there are sharks in the water. I think it looks great!

lila-m-12l  Lila M-I made a dancing person from pipe cleaners, foil, bubble-wrap, tape and paint. She is jumping out of the cup to dance on the stage. 

lila-l-12l  Lila L-I made a netball player  from pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, tape, paint, wool, fabric, a foam ball and a box. I like my work and  I worked really hard on it.

marcus-12l-judo Marcus-I made a judo person from foil, tape, pipe cleaners, paint, a box and bubble wrap.  I like my person because it looks good.

khail-12l-basketball Khail-I made a basketballer from lids, tape, box, paint, foil, fabric and pipe cleaners. I loved making it!

tyler-12l-basketball Tyler-My person is a basketballer and I made him from a foam ball, a box, pipe cleaners, tape, foil, paint and a net. I put an Aussie flag and a boxing kangaroo flag on it.

maggie-12l-basketball Maggie-I made a  basketballer from  paper clay, paint and a foam ball. I like my work and  I enjoyed making it.     

charlie-jesse-weightliftingCharlie & Jesse-We made a weightlifter from paper clay, a box, paint, a stick and foam balls. We worked well together to finish it.  

belle-12l-swimming Belle-I made a swimmer from pipe cleaners, foil, tape, paint, a big box and small boxes. I am happy with it because it looks good.



IMG_2624 Kobi-I made a soccer  player from pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, tape, paint, a box and a foam ball.I enjoyed making it and I think it looks great!   

IMG_2614 Lacie-I made a canoeist from pipe cleaners, foil, tape, paint, foam balls, a stick and container. I really like it. It looks great!

IMG_2612 Summer-I made a gymnast from foil, bubble-wrap, tape, cardboard, a box and paint. It was fun making it and I am proud of my work.

IMG_2613 Charlotte-My person is playing soccer. I made it from pipe cleaners, foil, paper clay, paint, a foam ball and a box. I really liked making it and I think it looks okay.

IMG_2619 Jett & Macklin-We made boxing men from pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, tape, paint and a box. They are in the ring ready to box at the  Olympics. We worked really well together and we are happy with  how it turned out.

IMG_2738 Livia-I made a girl doing gymnastics from paper clay. I am proud of my work because I put lots of effort into it.

IMG_2746 Jos-My paper clay person is doing karate. He is going to chop through the wood. I really liked making him.

IMG_2737 Isaac-My person is playing basketball. I like making cool stuff and it was fun. It looks great!

fraser-h-12m-surfing Fraser-I made a surfer riding a big wave. I learnt how to make paper clay and I enjoyed it a lot.

cindy-w-12m-netball Cindy-I made my person from pipe cleaners, foil, paper clay, and paint. She is playing netball and I made a court in a box to put her in. I am really happy with my work.

blake-12m-afl-footy Blake-I made an  AFL footballer. I liked making him and I think he looks great.        

morgan-12m-golf Morgan-My person is playing golf. I made it from pipe cleaners, foil, tape, paint and a box. It turned out very well.

ishan-12m-afl-footy Ishan-Mine is playing football. I made it from pipe cleaners, tape, straws, a box and texta. I think it  looks good.   

fletcher-12m-skateboarding Fletcher-I made a skateboarder and I love it! It looks great!  

kalin-12m-fencing Kalin-My person is doing fencing. I made it from  paper clay, paint and a box.  I like it a lot!

lucy-12m-equestrian Lucy-I made an equestrian or horse rider from a box, paint, pipe cleaners, foil, icy pole sticks and tape. I am proud of my model  because it looks great!

georgia-12m-equestrian Georgia-Mine is an equestrian rider too. I made the horse from a cardboard roll and I tried really hard to make it. I think it looks great!


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